Core Control Desk Yoga

Our desk yoga sessions focuses on yoga stretches and core strengthening techniques that can be done “At Desk”. We explain the benefits of keeping active at work and include deep breathing exercises to promote relaxation.

With more people working at a desk and having a sedentary lifestyle its no wonder a great deal of us suffer from tension, stiffness and fatigue.

Doing daily stretches at your desk, aligned with deep breathing, will ease tension, fatigue and stress. Posture improves and you’ll gain a new sense of energy, helping you to become more productive at your workplace.

Desk Yoga at Work:

  • Flexible workshops for the whole office
  • Choose a one hour class or divide into several shorter sessions
  • Follow up advice sheet with exercise plan
  • Ideal for call centres and open plan offices
  • Improves posture awareness
  • Learn to relax and let go of stress
  • Can be done in a meeting room, on the office floor or via webinar

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