2015 January

31 Jan: Limbering and loosening up for Ski season

There are several types of massage effective for skiers. Warm up or pre-ski massage will help to prepare your body for the physical exertion by warming up the muscles. Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, targeting on certain areas and applying firmer strokes and pressure on these areas, good for releasing knots from a vigorous day on the slopes. Relaxation or Swedish massage uses long strokes and gentle kneading and rolling of the skin and muscles, a great massage for creating a feeling of general all round relaxation and wellbeing.

02 Jan: The secret to successful New Year resolutions

It is very infrequent that we tend to make specific resolutions about our emotional health, possibly because although it may be our emotions that drive the need to make other resolutions, they are often hidden beneath the physical and practical manifestations of what we want to achieve. Making a specific resolution about improving emotional health can seem too intangible to even know where to start.