8 reasons why On Site Massage can restore the sanity of your staff

Raising company morale can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially when the modern day workforce is generally striving to ‘have it all’. Whilst a company full of high achievers is every MD’s dream, there is also the undeniable reality that these individuals are also attempting to juggle the career ladder with real life, often consisting of 2.4 kids and the illusive social life.

There are only so many team-building days and corporate events that can be thrown to create a happier work force, and let’s be honest, they aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea anyway. So, what do employers do to raise the spirits of their workforce, that doesn’t involve the inevitable (yet often counterproductive) free bar tab?

All arrows point to massage

On site massage is proving to be the answer for many companies. It is a great way to restore equilibrium within the work place and it is easy to incorporate into even the busiest schedules.

Here are 8 reasons why on site massage can benefit your workforce:

1.  Trouble shooting injuries – Employees who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, especially those working at a computer, risk developing RSI or posture related strains. Regular massage can work on alleviating these problems and possibly even prevent them from happening in the first place.

2. Stress management – When introduced as an ongoing inclusion of the working week, massage can keep the stress levels of staff on an even keel, ultimately even working towards preventing the dreaded burn out.

3.  Time out equals clarity – Taking as little as fifteen minutes out of ‘work zone’ allows workers to refresh and replenish, often allowing them to return to a task with a clearer mind frame, and possibly even a fresh new approach.

4.  Time reallocation – Whilst it may appear that twenty minutes away from their desk is time wasted for employees, it is actually time well spent. Especially when stressed, unhappy staff are likely to spend far more than twenty minutes at the water cooler, moaning about how over worked they are.

5.  Total time out – Even though the law states that employees are required to have a certain amount of breaks within the working day, in reality, many workers spend their ‘breaks’ eating a sandwich at their desks whilst staring at social media, either on their computers or their phones. With this in mind, it can only be beneficial for these breaks to be supplemented with actual time out with no distractions from the real world.

6.  Put your money where your mouth is – It’s all very well telling your workforce that you value them, but actually investing in their wellbeing demonstrates it. Staff who know that they are appreciated will naturally feel happier about going the extra mile.

7.  A well directed investment – An increasing amount of companies routinely allocate a percentage of their budget to stress related sick pay and supplementary cover. By investing in stress management from the start, these costs can possibly be reduced, and compared with a sanity saving office blow out, the costs of weekly massages for employers is minimal!

8.  20 minutes is exactly that – The beauty of On Site Massage is that it is right there in the workplace. Workers don’t have to travel to get there, meaning that no additional time needs taking out of working hours.
For more tips on how to maintain a happy ship, take a look at Sheffield recruitment agency, Benchmark Recruit’s article on 5 Ways to Stop Your Employees Dreading Monday Mornings.

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