Detox to Destress

Happy New Year!

It’s back to work with a bang after the Christmas and New Year festivities. If you over indulged during the holidays, you may be feeling lethargic or sluggish and struggling to get back into the swing of things. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the excesses of Christmas and boost your energy levels for 2014.

It’s tradition at this time of year to make resolutions aiming to improve fitness or live a healthier lifestyle, and this year there are numerous websites encouraging you to give something up for the New Year. January is the British Liver Trust’s Love your Liver month. As the liver has a lack of nerve endings, it’s difficult to know the damage we’re causing until it’s too late. By giving up or cutting down on alcohol and fatty or sugary foods for the whole of January you give your liver a chance to recover.

Begin with small changes that are easy to maintain, with consistency these will make a big difference. Remember to reward yourself with a treat. Change the notion of what is a treat, instead of a bottle of wine or a bar of chocolate; why not treat yourself to a massage? Not always easy, but if there were massage facilities you could make use of during a break at work it could become reality. The benefits of massage include improved concentration, more energy, improved sleep quality, increased circulation and decreased anxiety, which will all help with the transition back into work mode.

Re-educate yourself about food. On Site Massage Co are currently offering Nutrition For Life Wellbeing Workshops where you will learn about carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and the importance of these nutrients in our daily diet. Find substitutes that will satisfy that sugar craving. Feel inspired to start a new regime, with foods that that will leave you energised.

Concern for employee’s health and wellbeing in the corporate environment can encourage individuals to go on to make healthy lifestyle changes independently, a benefit to both personal wellbeing and company output. A healthier employee is generally a happier one, and probably just what the doctor ordered after a festive period full of indulgences.
If you’re interested in treatments, wellbeing classes or workshops for your business, make On Site Massage Co one of your small changes this New Year.

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