5 Reasons Why You Need Events Indian Head Massage

If you have never experienced the blissful relaxation that comes from an Indian head massage, then you are in for a treat. The ancient Ayurvedic massage technique focuses on the head, face, neck and shoulders. It works deep into the tissues to bring calm, peace and serenity to your mind and body. Traditional Indian families believe in the practice so much, that they incorporate it into their lives on a daily basis. Performed in a seated position, Indian Head Massage can take anything from ten minutes, to several hours, depending on the time available. Here are five reasons why events Indian head massages is brilliant for your visitors…events indian head massage

1. Stress relief

Events can often be a long and tiring day for visitors so an events Indian Head Massage is ideal to relieve some tension. All massage techniques provide a certain amount of relief from tension built up in the body. But an Indian head massage is targeted on the areas where most people hold the majority of their stress. The deep kneading and compression movements help to work out tight areas to literally take the weight off of your shoulders.

2. Joint mobility

The pressure techniques used in Indian head massage help to loosen the joints in the neck and shoulders for increased mobility and flexibility. This makes it a popular therapy for those with stiffness in this area (most people!).

3. Improved circulation

The stimulation of certain pressure points in the neck and head help to shift blockages in the body. This helps blood to work its way around the body more efficiently. This in turn, helps to prevent headaches, migraines and back pain.

4. Increased energy

Indian Head Massage works with the chakras of the body to balance it and improve the flow of energy. Improved circulation also helps to awaken the senses so that you feel more energetic and capable throughout the day. It also improves concentration – ideal if you have a long seminars are your event!

5. Boosts the immune system

Increased pressure in the right place helps to stimulate the lymphatic system which works to remove toxins from the body. The increased efficiency of the digestive system relieves pressure on the immune system, so that it can also work to a much higher standard, helping to keep you healthy.

As well as this, regular Indian head massage treatments can help increase hair growth, treat insomnia and promote relaxation. Dizziness and/or mild tiredness is a rare, short-lived side-effect of Indian head massage, but it is usually followed by a boost of energy and motivation.

Events Indian Head Massage

The best thing about Indian head massage, is that it can be done anywhere. And if you are short on time, even a ten-minute session will provide many benefits! Because it is performed on fully clothed clients and can be done on an office chair, many companies are choosing to treat their delegates to events Indian Head Massages. It is one sure way of boosting energy levels, focus and concentration, and reducing the incidence of tension headaches and feelings of stress.

To find out more about the Indian Head Massage we provide, head to our Mobile Massage at Events page. Or go straight to get an Instant Quote.

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