How to Develop a Wellbeing Strategy

Wellbeing Strategy

Through various studies and research, it has been proven that a comprehensive and effective wellbeing strategy is the key way to increase employee productivity, motivation and focus. It has been reported that every pound spent on employee wellness results in an overall saving of £2.50. This is due to reduced sickness and improved staff retention. It’s clear that there are various benefits to developing and implementing a wellness strategy, but how can you create one, and where do you start? Read on to find out…

Getting started…

The latest Employee Wellbeing Research by REBA found that the number of companies with a defined wellbeing strategy has grown by around 20% in the last year. It’s clear that a great employee wellbeing strategy can be beneficial, so what’s the first step?

It’s important to first establish why you want to develop a wellbeing strategy. Focus on the areas in the business that you want to improve, such as lowering the average sickness rate per employee. Put together a list of areas that you want to improve, and build your strategy around this.

Putting things in place…

When you come to putting your strategy together, consider your goals and what sort of incentives will help you meet them. Things like gym memberships, regular on-site massage, desk yoga, mental health support, private health insurance and on-site medical support are all things to consider as part of your strategy.

You might want to start with just one or two key areas to create your strategy. When you roll it out you can measure the results, and see if you are working towards achieving your goals for the business.

Remember that the employees are at the centre of your wellness strategy, so consider asking them what they feel would benefit the team as a whole, as well as themselves as individuals. Instead of developing your strategy to align with specific business goals, consider asking the team what they think would be beneficial. In creating a strategy that’s specifically designed to improve the work lives of your employees, you’re sure to create a strategy that’s effective, and the benefits for the business will naturally follow.

Don’t over complicate things…

If you currently don’t have any kind of wellness benefits in place, start small. Introduce the option of a gym membership, and a monthly on-site massage to employees to start with. Small benefits can make a big difference. As you gain feedback and see results from your current strategy, you can then develop it further, introducing additional benefits should you need.

If you would like to provide your team with regular wellness benefits then get in touch. We offer a variety of on-site treatments, workshops and more.

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