Improving Staff Performance, Productivity and Engagement

Businesses in all industries, from small start-ups to international corporations, will always benefit from improving employee productivity. While rigorous recruitment processes, extensive training and good employee rapport will all contribute to improved performance, often employee health and happiness can prevent companies from achieving their full potential.

Stress, aches or illness can all affect our alertness and cognitive abilities, and even lead to lengthy absences. Research by CIPD has shown that on average we’ll take 6.8 days off per year, with a majority of these breaks resulting from minor illnesses like a cold or the flu. When we consider the financial and logistical impact which these absences can have on an employer, especially one with fewer staff and resources, it becomes clear that it is in a company’s best interests to keep their employees healthy and working to the best of their abilities.

Workplace massages are one of many ways to ensure employees are performing to their full potential, while helping to prevent the stress and pains which can lead to costly days off. More than just a way to relax, seated massages have been the subject of several Lottery-funded projects by Positive Pressure, in conjunction with Living Well West Midlands and the Birmingham Health & Wellbeing Partnership. The research focused on the effects of seated acupressure massages in the workplace, with regards to employee morale and employee productivity.

The studies found that over a twelve week period, mental and physical wellbeing improved, as did work satisfaction. Stress levels were reduced, and many employees made lifestyle changes which would lead to improved productivity and morale. Changes to posture and workstations were noted, as was a reduction in the engagement of harmful coping mechanisms like alcohol or cigarettes. These changes could be the prevention of a day off or a lapse of concentration in the workplace, things which can be especially damaging in the current fast-paced business climate. Simply by taking a short time to relax and look after themselves, employees considered a massage in the workplace as a positive influence on their productivity, as opposed to an interruption or distraction.

Alongside seated massages, wellness workshops can be employed to educate and encourage employees to eliminate illness, stress and the aches and pains which can accompany an office job. Staff are taught the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet, the rejuvenating effects of physical exercise, and the importance of good posture and workstation organisation as well as stress management at work. These skills will all contribute towards employee happiness and productivity, and can even be used alongside a workplace massage for increased physical and mental wellbeing.

These strategies provide a cost-effective and efficient defence against the decreased productivity which can result from stress or illness, either through employee absences or diminished cognitive functioning. Not only could a chair massage or wellness workshop leave your employees feeling better within themselves, you’re also likely to see improvements in your company’s performance.

What are your experiences of workplace massages? Has your productivity or happiness been improved by a chair massage or wellness workshop? What are your top tips on improving performance, productivity and engagement in the workplace?

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