Ideas for Wellbeing Events – World Health Day & Big Pedal

April marks a brilliant month for health and fitness. Learn more about them and get some ideas for wellbeing events coming up! So, April is the perfect month to dedicate yourself to making changes for the better, to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. This month we are taking part with World Health Day and Big Pedal. Read on to find out about these events and how you can join in too…

World Health Day: 7th April 2019

This worldwide event takes place on Sunday the 7th of April, and is well worth taking note of. The day marks the anniversary of when the World Health Organisation was founded, in 1948. The leading global health authority works to ensure everyone can access and achieve better health around the world. From providing education and services, to carrying out pioneering research and studies, the World Health Organisation enables us all to be healthier.

Feel inspired by World Health Day, and get involved in something that encourages you to be healthier each and everyday. Try signing up for a 10k, join healthy cooking classes or try your local yoga studio for the first time. On the 7th of April, do something that will benefit your health.

Big Pedal: 23rd April 2019

Sponsored by UK based cycling charity Sustrains, Big Pedal is the largest inter-school cycling and scooter challenge in the UK. It was set up with the aim of encouraging children, parents and teachers to choose two wheels over four to make the daily journey to school. The Big Pedal encourages us to start the day right, inspiring a healthy lifestyle.

Taking place for ten days each year, there are prizes and incentives on offer to all that take part. Regardless of whether you’re in the school system, Big Pedal can inspire us all to move more and make healthier choices. Involve yourself by making a commitment to cycle to work (where possible). Challenge yourself for the ten day duration, starting from the 23rd of April. And see how much better you feel!

Above all, making this change will help you see how easy it is to increase the amount of exercise that you do each day! Similarly, if you’re struggling to fit in your daily recommended 30 minutes of physical activity, swapping the car for a bike could be the answer.

Ideas for wellbeing events

If you’re looking for ideas for wellbeing events, take some inspiration from World Health Day or The Big Pedal!

Consider putting together something for these events. If you’re looking for something for the office, perhaps, on World Health Day, you could host wellbeing workshops in the office for instance, and book everyone in to a group spin class for Big Pedal?

Or, if you need services at an event you’re organising, check out a whole host of activities that we deliver. Massage, Yoga & Pilates, Exercise classes and more!

With summer right around the corner, April is a great month to get involved.  And these events can help you and your team become fitter and healthier for the year ahead.

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