Keeping Fit While Working Hard

Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle while holding down a stressful full-time job – sounds impossible, doesn’t it? In fact, many people blame their hectic lifestyle for their lack of physical exercise, stating that they just don’t have time to get to the gym, or that they are far too tired after work.
There is certainly an art to it, but staying active while working a desk job is an achievable target. Simply implementing a few small changes into your lifestyle can help you to improve your overall health, which in turn, will improve your concentration and productivity at work. So here are a few ways you can keep fit even while you are working hard.

Utilise your lunchbreak
Pop on your running shoes and take half an hour to pound the streets before tucking into your lunch. If you are new to running, download an app that will help build up the distance that you run and increase your endurance. And for the ultimate motivator, encourage a few of your workmates to come along too, so you can push each other along.

Ditch the car
If your lunchbreaks are too precious to give up to exercise, maybe you can change the way you get to and from work. Could you walk or cycle for instance? Using your bike instead of the car is not only good for your heart, but it will also reduce the amount of air pollution on the morning commute. Plus, you won’t have to suffer long traffic jams and parking will be easier too! Cycling is a low impact exercise, so great for those with joint problems, but if you are worried, you can also invest in some knee or ankle supports.

Book a yoga or pilates class
Nobody is ever too tired for yoga and pilates, since they are both low-impact exercises that help to stretch out the body. If anything, they can help to re-energise and motivate you. If you still can’t get to a class after work, however, then speak to your employer about including regular office yoga or pilates sessions into the working week. Once you have explained the benefits to motivation, productivity and general well-being, a group yoga or pilates session will seem like a very attractive investment. It will also help to make the workplace a much nicer place to be, since stress levels will be lower and projects will seem more manageable. All of this while you build up strength and flexibility in your body!

Create a weekend sports team
Team sports are always a great way to bond, so think about creating a team to play in weekend sports leagues. Choose something that most people will enjoy, whether it is football, netball, hockey or cricket and get yourselves into a local league. If that sounds too ambitious, start with monthly meet-ups in the park. Not only will you get some exercise, but you will boost your social relationship with your colleagues too!
Making excuses is always easier than taking action, but we all know that exercise is one of the best things we can do to look after ourselves. The benefits far outweigh the negatives, and with these simple suggestions keeping fit should be effortless.

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