Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter Yoga has been around since the mid-90’s and has been popular for its health and fitness benefits. Now it’s taking off in workplaces around the UK as a proven technique to reduce stress in the workplace. A great team building tool, group laughter can create a happy and motivated workforce and encourages positive thinking and creativity.

Created by Dr. Madan Kataria who became interested in laughter as a way to improve health and cope with the stress of modern living whilst researching papers for health journals. He was convinced that laughter would be beneficial, and investigated how laughter could be prescribed to patients and people who needed it.

After field-testing the impact of laughter on himself and others, Dr Kataria realized that there are ways other than humour to stimulate laughter, and developed a range of laughter exercises including elements of role-play. As Yoga practitioners, Dr. Kataria and his wife Madhuri, Co-Founder of Laughter Yoga, saw the similarities between Laughter and Pranayama exercises, and incorporated elements from this ancient form of Yoga into Laughter Yoga. The deep breathing exercises increases the amount of oxygen in your body leaving you feeling more healthy, energised and alive.

Research into the benefits of laughter is ongoing, but health benefits already proven include: strengthening the immune system, providing a powerful cardio workout, increasing blood circulation and relaxing muscles. Laughter is a powerful antidote for depression, reduces blood pressure, reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma, and arthritis and even helps in chronic illnesses like cancer.

Attending a yoga laughter session together, in the workplace, is a great team building experience. By increasing our oxygen intake we are able to give optimal performance. We feel energized and fresh throughout the day. Laughter Yoga can reduce stress levels, enhance self confidence and communication skills.

On Site Massage Co can bring Laughter Yoga to you in your workplace. To find out more about Laughter Yoga, or any of our wellbeing classes contact us today on 08450 090 212 or visit our website You can feel the benefits from the very first session, so what are you waiting for?

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