Men’s Health: Achieving Optimum Wellbeing

Men's Health

Generally, for both men and women the steps towards great health and wellbeing are similar. When it’s comes to men’s health, all about creating balance – eating well, getting enough exercise, protecting your skin from the sun, and limiting your alcohol consumption.

While our bodies work in a similar way and have the same basic needs, there are a few key elements when it comes to optimum health for men. Read to discover how to achieve great health and wellbeing for men…

Weight Maintenance

Later in life, excess weight can lead to diabetes, heart disease and mobility issues, as well as putting unnecessary extra strain on your joints. Men’s bodies work quite differently to women – you generally store excess fat around your middle, instead of on your hips. This can put strain on your organs, and can lead to complications in extreme cases.

It’s easy to measure whether you are carrying too much weight around your middle. Simply take a piece of string and measure out your height. Cut the string so that it is an accurate measure of your height, then fold it in half. Wrap the string around your waist – if you are a healthy weight the two ends should be able to meet. This is a more accurate way of understanding if you are a healthy weight for your height than your BMI, as your BMI does not take into account things like muscle mass, which actually weighs more than fat.

If the two ends of string do not meet, you could be carrying a dangerous amount to fat around your middle. For optimum health when it comes to your diet, try eating as many foods from a natural source as possible, limit your sugar in take and try to eat red meat just once or twice a week.


Include weight training into your exercise routine. Cardio is great for getting your heart pumping, but you will see much faster and more effective results if you incorporate weight training. When your body has more muscle mass, it works more efficiently. A higher muscle mass requires more calories, so when you increase your muscle mass your body needs more calories to function. In increasing your muscle mass and improving your diet, you will find it easier to lose excess fat and build a strong and lean body, for optimum health.

Stress Management

Stress is something that will impact on all of our lives at one stage or another. Stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease, so it is important to manage periods of stress properly, and avoid letting stress become a regular occurrence in your life.

Today we are busier than ever before – our 21stcentury lifestyles are becoming more and more demanding, and as a result we are suffering. During periods of stress, or if you generally lead a very busy lifestyle, prioritize time to relax and recharge.

To relive tension and aid relaxation, try a bi-weekly or monthly massage. In addition, try introducing yoga or meditation to your daily routine, to help you find balance and calm everyday.

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