Relax with a Manicure

Many people dismiss a manicure as a luxury treatment with little benefit other than to pretty-up your nails. The truth is that while this can certainly be many people’s main motivation for paying for a manicure, when it is done well and thoroughly, with a hand massage included, manicures can provide a lot of health benefits for both men and women.

Deep Cleansing Treatment

Even the most conscientious hand-washer will agree that our hands are exposed to all sorts of grime and pollution every day. Regular hand-washing helps to keep most germs and bacteria at bay, but a professional manicure helps to remove any dead skin cells, as well as bacteria that may be trapped underneath. This helps prevent the spread of viruses, and keeps you healthy.

Improved Circulation

Many people suffer from cold fingers and toes – a sure sign that their blood circulation is not as good as it could be. The gentle massaging action that occurs during a manicure helps to improve circulation to these extreme areas, a benefit that is truly appreciated during cold winter months.

Stress Relief

The simple motion of a hand massage can work to loosen tension held in the hand, while the stimulation of certain pressure points can also help to relieve stress felt in other parts of the body. But even the act of taking time out of your day to spend on yourself can help you to relax, as you focus on something as trivial as picking a nail colour rather than the mountain of work sitting on your desk. So a manicure is also good for your mental health, as it allows you to take a step back from the deadlines and refocus your mind.

Boost confidence

Have you ever noticed that people with jagged, bitten nails tend to hide their hands more than those with beautifully manicured talons? It may be an unconscious act, but when we have beautiful nails we are keener for others to see them, and so tend to be more expressive when we talk. This gives off a greater sense of confidence. This is especially important if you are having to give a big work presentation, as you will be more interesting to watch if you are gesturing with your hands as you talk.

Manicures in the workplace

Offering manicures or hand massages at work is a quick and easy way to provide stress relief to employees. Hand massages in particular can be performed anywhere – not even a chair is necessary, and they can take just five minutes if necessary, so that employees can feel refreshed and remotivated without having to take too much time away from their desk.

Great treatments to offer during work events, hand massages and manicure as they make guests feel relaxed and pampered without having to disturb their hair, make up or outfits.

Hand massages and manicures may seem like trivial treatments compared with some other relaxation techniques, but they actually provide an excellent time to results ratio that many employers and employees will appreciate.

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