Summer Wellness Challenges for Employees


Summer Wellness Challenges for Employees 

For most, summer is the busiest time of year, which can make looking after ourselves that little bit more difficult. Wellness can include both mental and physical wellbeing, and neither should be neglected at any time of the year.

It’s been suggested that those with greater personal wellbeing are generally happier, more productive and healthier. For any business owner, happy, productive and healthy employees translates to mean greater success within the business.

With this in mind, why not consider setting up summer wellness challenges for your employees. Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Mental Wellbeing
Setting a Focus

Throughout the summer months set a focus or theme and create your challenges around this theme. For example, July could be ‘mindfulness’, August could be ‘hydration’, and September could be ‘nutrition’.

For each month, put together a plan of activities and plan your marketing material to promote the wellness challenges to your employees. At the start of each month, send an email round with details of the theme for the month, and any events taking place as well as incentives to join in.

Try to create balance, offering smaller and easy things that staff can do to join in, as well as larger scale events for those that want to really commit to the cause. Taking September as an example, ways in which your employees could get involved could include keeping a food’ diary for the month and taking part in nutrition workshops. You could also introduce complimentary fruit and healthy snacks into the office too.

To incentivise the challenges, consider offering prizes or similar to those that get involved the most. Workout a points system and award the top three that take part. Avoid alienating anyone though, offering a small reward to everyone that signs up and joins in.

Wellbeing Workshops and Education

Wellbeing workshops are the most straightforward way to create wellness challenges for your employees.  From nutrition and healthy eating, mindfulness and meditation, to yoga and pilates, stress management and core control desk yoga, workshops are a great way to encourage your team to look after themselves throughout the summer and is a great way to get everyone involved.

Workshops make setting up your challenges and theme for the month simple. Workshops are ideal to support any summer wellbeing challenges you might be setting this year, and could even be the main event each month, with small supporting events and opportunities making up your entire challenge.

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