The Beauty of Corporate Massage – A Massage Therapist’s Perspective

Clinic or Corporate massage? The two environments could not be more different.

The Clinic. Perfectly set up, with ambient lighting, a quiet setting, well-chosen music to soothe the therapy and client, and a massage couch or chair with support cushions, a blanket and warm towels. Oil, scented to satisfy the senses, and client prepared for an uninterrupted and well planned delightful experience.

The Office. Busy, noisy and relentlessly bright. The object of the day for the staff may be to ‘get the job done’ meet targets, and be the ‘You’ that your professional profile describes. Taking up a relaxation treatment may be viewed as an amazing treat, something to grit your teeth and try, or just another interruption. For those who take the chance, the outcome is always the same. “WHY DID I NOT DO THIS BEFORE”!

The real pleasure and privilege of working as an On Site therapist is seeing the CHANGE in people who walk in to have their massage, or reflexology treatment, and in JUST 15 MINUTES, leave with a smile on their face, shoulders down, breathing slow and feeling GOOD. As a therapist, the challenge of easing out a tense muscle in the back, soothing a tight neck, perhaps discussing factors which might contribute to headaches or eye strain. The range of issues discussed within the treatment session can be literally infinite and totally unique.

5 top symptoms found in office workers
Neck stiffness
Shoulder ache
Low back ache
Inability to relax

What a wonderful job we have as massage therapists to be able to help alleviate these symptoms and restore balance and wellbeing to people’s lives.

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