Nutrition Wellbeing Workshops
Nutrition for Work

Our diets have a major impact on how we function on a daily basis. In our nutrition workshops, our specialists deliver expert information on how to improve our health and wellbeing by considering what we eat.

We’ll take you on a guided tour through carbohydrates, proteins and fats and address the impact caffeine and other stimulants have on our bodies. We’ll explain the relationship between stress and diet and highlight how eating the right food types can improve concentration and energy levels, keeping us alert and focused throughout the day, essential for a productive workforce.

Our nutrition seminars can be tailored to your companies requirements whether it be nutrition at work, the impact of sugar on health or how to prepare a stress busting breakfast!

  • groups of up to 20 people
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • food diaries and menu samples
  • solutions to lunchtime meals and snacks and examples of what to buy
  • chance to try healthy alternatives
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