Personal Safety Workshop

Staying safe – ‘It won’t happen to me’
In today’s ever changing society, we hear about people being assaulted in the street, and we often think ‘it can’t happen to me, that’s in a different world’, then we realise it was just around the corner in our neighbourhood, or it was someone we know.

The primary aim of our personal safety course is to reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of an assault by informing you how to stay safe.

The most effective method of self-defence is prevention. By minimising the likelihood of a potentially threatening situation arising, you are taking the first steps to self-protection.

Our fully qualified and experienced instructor will talk through a variety of situations with you giving lots of tips to help to keep you as safe as possible.

  • Be aware
  • Be prepared
  • Plan ahead
  • Consider how you convey yourself
  • Make informed choices

We’ll also demonstrate a variety of physical techniques within the workshops that you can use as a last resort if you ever do find yourself in a compromising situation, with special attention on the law around reasonable force and protecting yourself.

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