Stress Management At Work

stress management workshop

Stress management workshops for employees

These 1,2 or 3 hour interactive workshops are delivered at your workplace by our stress management consultants for up to 30 people.

The workshops cover how to recognize stress, it’s common triggers and effects and simple tools to make stressful situations manageable, bringing calm into your everyday life.

They’ve proved hugely beneficial to participants by raising stress awareness and giving simple coping strategies and stress management techniques that can be implemented immediately.

Advanced Stress Management Solutions

In addition to our short programmes, we also offer in depth stress risk analysis, reporting and action plans.

  • Diagnose stress risk with business reviews, individual assessments and focus groups
  • Receive comprehensive reports and action plans
  • Develop internal stress management process with HR, senior and line manager training

Please call us on 0333 900 0212 for more information on our advanced stress management packages

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