Practitioners Code of Ethical Conduct

The On Site Massage Co Code of Ethical Conduct sets out the professional standards expected by On Site Massage Co. These principals and rules of behaviour are in place to guide practice procedures, uphold the reputation and professionalism of On Site Massage Co, safeguard self-employed practitioners and ensure the rights of our customers are respected. Failure of the practitioner to comply with this Code will result in the possible termination of their practitioner’s agreement with On Site Massage Co. This document is supported by OSMC Incident Management Procedure.

Definitions for the purpose of this statement
‘OSMC’ and ‘On Site Massage Co’ means On Site Massage Company Limited
‘Self-employed practitioner’ means the massage, beauty or complementary therapist or any other health care professional who is registered with and represents OSMC
‘Customer’ means the individual who is booked in for a treatment with a self-employed practitioner
‘Treatment’ means the particular therapy that a customer has requested and the self-employed practitioner is qualified to provide

Self-employed practitioner/Customer relationship

  1. Self-employed practitioners must establish clear professional boundaries and maintain a professional relationship with OSMC customers, conducting themselves in a courteous and dignified manner at all times.
  2. Self-employed practitioners must treat people as individuals and be respectful of religious, political, cultural and social views, not discriminating in any way against any individual.
  3. Self-employed practitioners must be open and honest, act with integrity and not in any way abuse the trust the customer places in the self-employed practitioner’s care and skill.
  4. Self-employed practitioners must not enter into a sexual relationship with a customer and should not say or act in any way that may be interpreted as having any sexual or inappropriate implication.
  5. Self-employed practitioners should not act in any way that might be interpreted as an attempt to gain any kind of preferential treatment or personal advantage.
  6. Self-employed practitioners must not behave in anyway which makes a customer feel distressed, humiliated or threatened at any time.

Professional working standards

  1. All information given to customers regarding treatments must be accurate and honest and in no way misleading as to the therapeutic benefits they possess.
  2. Self-employed practitioners must take responsibility for treatment decisions and be personally accountable for actions and omissions in their practice. Self-employed practitioners must always be able to justify their decisions based on sound theoretical knowledge.
  3. Self-employed practitioners must only provide treatments and give advice within the realms of their qualifications, insurance and competency.
  4. Self-employed practitioners must not give the impression they hold medical or other qualifications that they do not have. Self-employed practitioners must never give a medical diagnosis whilst working on behalf of OSMC.
  5. Self-employed practitioners must not sell, prescribe or administer remedies or other products to Customers whilst working on behalf of OSMC.
  6. In circumstances where evidence comes to light before or during the course of treatment whereby the self-employed practitioner suspects a condition that they are not qualified to treat, they must seek referral to an appropriately qualified person.
  7. Self-employed practitioners must never advise against instructions or prescriptions given by a medical practitioner.
  8. When a customer is under the care of a registered medical practitioner the self-employed practitioner should seek the consent from that medical practitioner before providing complementary treatment if the pre-existing condition is likely to be affected by the treatment.


  1. Self-employed practitioners have a moral and legal duty to protect themselves from harm. They should ensure that they are physically and psychologically fit to practice. Self-employed practitioners must take reasonable measures to protect their own wellbeing and physical safety whilst working on OSMC’s behalf.
  2. Self-employed practitioners are legally accountable for all aspects of their practice and shall be aware of and understand any legal requirements concerning their work.
  3. Self-employed practitioners are encouraged to report any incidences where they feel a customer has acted inappropriately towards them or feel distressed, humiliated or threatened due to a customer’s behaviour.

Health and Safety

  1. Self-employed practitioners must at all times follow the Health & Safety policy of OSMC.
  2. Self-employed practitioners must at all times abide by the Health & Safety rules and regulations at the premises attended.
  3. All reasonable steps should be taken to ensure that working conditions are suitable for the practice of the treatment.

Keeping records

  1. Self-employed practitioners are expected to consult with the customer prior to treatment and keep records of the consent form.
  2. For insurance purposes all records should be kept safely and securely for a period of 7 years, even if the self-employed practitioner ceases to practice.
  3. Self-employed practitioners should ensure that they comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 which provides regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, including the obtaining, holding, use or disclosure of such information.


  1. Self-employed practitioners are obliged to maintain the privacy of the customer at all times.
  2. All records, information and conversations should be kept entirely confidential and not disclosed to any third party without the customers’ consent, except in extreme circumstances where it is required by law to do so.

Treatment of Children

  1. Self-employed practitioners must seek consent to treat children under 16 years of age from a parent or legal guardian.
  2. The parent or legal guardian should be present throughout the consultation and treatment of children under 16 years of age.
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