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Winter is on its way out – we hope! And spring should be arriving soon. Along with springtime comes Mother’s Day. One day a year to celebrate all the mums, mums-to-be and mums that have passed and all they have done for us. Mum’s really are unsung heroes and we want to show you how you can treat and thank mums with manicures this Mother’s Day.

Why manicure

The cold and rain from the winter can really take its toll on mums hands. In addition to all the cooking, cleaning and washing she does on a daily basis, some hand pampering is a must. A manicure is the perfect way to replenish and rejuvenate her hands ready jump into spring. And quite simply, who doesn’t love a manicure?


Many people assume that a manicure is a superficial beauty treatment. We can safely say that a manicure is so much more than that!

Your hands work hard – all the time

Have you ever broken a finger, strained or injured your hand? If so, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you have a hand or finger out of action. We do so much with our hands! We use our hands most of the time. Hands need a 15 minute break every once in a while for some true rest and recuperation.

Pamper and stress relief

Mother’s Day is THE day to pamper your mum. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, no cooking for the day or making sure she doesn’t have to move from the sofa. A manicure for mum this Mother’s Day can be a really lovely pamper experience. 15 minutes away from the kids can also help bring her a true sense of peace and stress relief.

Nail health benefits

When you’re a busy mum, it can be tricky to keep on top of everything. Particularly nail health. A manicure can help remove those hangnails and improve the appearance of hands and nails dramatically.

Hand benefits

When thinking of massage, most people don’t consider hand massage. But once they’ve had it once, there’s no going back. A hand massage is delightful. It can help wash away the stresses and strains of life. Hand massage can also:

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve flexibility of hands and wrists, and
  • Slow down wrinkling of the hands.
Manicures look lovely

Having beautiful nails is really important to many women. Well-kept manicured nails really help contribute to their sense of wellbeing and their self-esteem. Help the mum’s feel glamorous this year by providing some manicures at your event.


If you’d like to show your appreciation to Mum’s this year by including manicure treatments at your event then Contact Us to find out how we can help!

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