Events Sports Massage – 5 Reasons You Need a Sports Therapist

Whether you’re organising a charity run, a triathlon for your local community, or a mountain climb for your team as a bonding exercise, having a sports therapist providing your events sports massage is key. Those that are participating will be putting a lot of energy into completing your challenge. So consider giving a little something back with a free sports therapy session, or even the option to have a paid session for those that really need it.

Here are five reasons why you need a sports therapist to give your sports massage event…

1. Recovery

Many fitness focused events put a lot of strain on the body. If not dealt with correctly, this can cause long lasting issues. Help those that are taking part in your event with their recovery, to ensure they are back at work feeling great in no time.

Aim to provide anyone who wants a sports massage with their treatment with in 45 minutes of them finishing for the best results.

2. On-going Support

Around 48 hours after an event, the inevitable muscle ache should have subsided. Many people that take part in fitness events will find that they might have areas of tension or little niggles for some time after. Offer on-going support by considering offering a promo to anyone who books in for another sports massage session soon after the event.

3. Boost Morale

When everyone feels like they are in it together the moral will help boost how much people put into the challenge on the day. Show your team that you are putting in as much work as them, even if you’re not taking place, by arranging additional benefits on the day, such as a complimentary sports massage.

4. Give Something Back at your event

Fitness events are great for team building, but when everyone is putting so much effort in, it’s important to find a way to say thank you. On the day consider providing everyone with snacks and refreshments, as as well as a complimentary sports massage to those that would like one. Offering sports massage to your team is a win-win, as they will recognise the effort you have gone to to give them something extra, as well as aid their recovery so that they are able to get straight back to work.

5. Take Careful Measures

Fitness events can result in injury and discomfort for some. Because of this, it’s important to have a professional to hand to help anyone who suffers an injury, and to help those that have taken part recovery properly to avoid injury or unnecessary strain on the body.

To find out more about our sports massage at events service, click here.

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