The Rise of Massage at Events

If you’ve visited any festivals, exhibitions or sports events recently you’ll have likely encountered On Site Massage where mobile massage therapists give seated Indian head or back, neck and shoulder massages. This rise in popularity is great news for visitors to any event and the versatility of on-site massages means they can be done just about anywhere!

From music festivals to sports events, conferences and exhibitions, the benefits of seated massage can be significant not just for the visitors but for event organisers too helping to raise the profile of any event. If you’re planning an upcoming event, you may want to book seated acupressure massage therapists for the day.

Benefits for event organisers
On Site seated massages help visitors quickly and effectively relax and unwind. Muscle tension can be addressed relieving those aches and pains that can build up traipsing round an exhibition all day leaving your visitors relaxed and refreshed. What better way to rejuvenate than with a back massage, head massage or even foot massage.  After just 10 minutes in the massage chair your visitors will be raring to go again spending more time at your event and having a more thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Benefits for exhibitors and stand holders
Seated events massage is also becoming an increasingly popular way to promote individual exhibitor stands helping to creating those all important sales opportunities by bring in new visitors keen to try out the chair massages. What better way to promote your products or services than offering your customers a unique and relaxing experience of on site massage.  It really makes the stand a talking point leaves your customers feeling truly valued.

Health Benefits
On-site seated massages are often found at music festivals and fairs around the country. Unlike certain gimmicked health stalls, like oxygen tents, seated acupuncture massages have been proven to encourage mental relaxation and physical wellbeing, even when users are sleeping in their wellies and enjoying a strict diet of Pot Noodles!

Similarly, pre- and post-event massages at sport events can prevent injuries and reduce healing time. Sports massages can encourage blood flow to the muscles, while reducing any swelling or tension in joints. On top of this, they’ll ensure anyone joining in will be relaxed, and enjoying the day’s events.
The physical and mental advantages of a chair massage are well documented, and with stress contributing to 400,000 cases of illness in the past year alone, proper relaxation has never been so important which is why de- stressing with a corporate seated massage during a conference or corporate event is becoming ever more popular.

All in all it’s no surprise that massage at events is taking off so quickly, the benefits really speak for themselves. Have you had any experience of Event Massage?  We’d love to hear about it.

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