Benefits of Massage

20 Nov: The Full Guide to Indian Head Massage 

If you have never experienced the blissful relaxation that comes from Indian head massage, then you are in for a treat. The ancient Ayurvedic massage technique focuses on the head, face, neck and shoulders, working deep into the tissues to bring calm, peace and serenity.

08 Dec: How to De-stress in the run up to Christmas

Christmas is a time that we look forward to all year round. A chance to spend quality time with loved ones, eat too much food, and play family games. But the build-up to the big day can be extremely stressful, as business almost always gets busier of this time of year, plans for the Christmas office party get underway, and last-minute Christmas shopping is crammed in over the weekend.

30 Aug: Touch is good for your health

In this modern world which can be fast paced and frenetic, communication has become so quick and accessible it can demand from us more speed in our routines and duties. As more and more of our day to day social and business lives use digital formats, requiring us to be plugged into technology for a large proportion of the day, and these communications often require less personal contact, the place for massage and therapeutic touch within our lives has never been more necessary.