Sports Massage at Events: Ride London 2019


Taking place over the weekend of the 3rd-4th of August, Ride London 2019 is set to be an exciting and enjoyable event. This is the seventh edition of the world’s greatest festival of cycling. Sports massage plays an important role for those that take part in Ride London, helping those involved with performance as well as recovery. Here’s why sports massage is a must at any sporting event…

Ride London and Sports Massage

We are proud to be supplying Ride London with therapists for this year’s event to carry out sports massage. There is no other closed-road event like Ride London. Combining the fun of a free family ride in central London, with the excitement of watching the world’s best professional cyclists race, this is a fantastic event that’s enjoyable for both those watching as well as those taking part.

In addition to the more leisurely ride and professional event, amateur cyclists are also able to take part in the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100. This is a 100-mile challenge taking part on the same closed roads that the professionals ride on. Since 2016 there has also been a 46-mile challenge and a 19-mile challenge, designed for newer and younger cyclists.

Sports massage plays an important role on the day, aiding recovery in the cyclists, and in some cases helping to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Large sporting events like Ride London always utilize sports massage, and complimentary sports massage is becoming more and more common at smaller sporting events too.

Sports Massage at Events

If you are organising a sports event, large or small, offering pre and post sports massage is a must. This is generally a complimentary service that most sports events now offer, because of the amazing benefits that sports massage can provide to those pushing themselves physically.

Sports massage works by releasing tension and pain from the muscles and joints. This can be carried out before or after an event, or both. Sports massage before an event can prepare participants for physical endurance and can even enhance performance. Massage after an event is known to help speed up recovery by stimulating circulation, as well as reducing swelling and removing toxins.

This kind of treatment doesn’t need to be reserved for the pro-athletes either. Anyone can benefit from sports massage at a sporting event and is an important step in taking part of any kind of physical challenge.

We have a talented and experienced team of sports massage therapists, offering mobile massage for events – both indoors and outdoors. In addition, sports massage can be sponsored, with many companies are keen to be involved in sporting events to promote their brand and products.

As you can see, sports massage plays an important role in large events like Ride London as well as smaller sporting events. For more information about our sports massage services, click here:


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